BIRDO [Prod. by MatTheUU]

by Baby Tap

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Original production by MatTheUU
Remix & lyrics by Baby Tap
Photo by Daniel Peace



Believe it
Then go!
Reason to receive green blo - like whoa!
Wheeze and then you seek fresh breeze - window
Chirpy on the beat and then you tweet Birdo
Tweet Birdo - why don't you greet Birdo?
See him at 4:20
I go hang out in the sea shell - pop weirdo
Peace out - yo, I retreat - O - dro!
Tea time ho
It's time for me - time though
When I walk, cattle run, I want that we - time, bro
Push - row so slow and then I steep, whee!
Whoa, better weak tea rollie for that piff leaf, yo!
Tweet Birdo
Why don't you greet Birdo?
Call him on 666
I go hang out in the graveyard - goth weirdo
Peace out - yo - I retreat - O - dro!
Tweet, tweet
Rubber to bent to be
Render you bent, dear
Tender on ecstasy
Friend and depend on you like Jenga
We're meant to be spent to the vendor of mega stupendous
He lends to the mender
Bend, render, you're bent to be
Wendy will wonder in Winter for lent, you see
Bid and out-bid you in Bingo - ba chingaly
Wringle you mingle in simple lordingery
Deep green hash
Shimmy, shiver and shake
We make sixteen cakes in the oven to bake
Cut - throat crooks that hook up the world
We make QuickTime shapes in the wick of the whirl
Dreamscape beach in the sand, in the heat, we wait fifteen weeks that combine into sleep
Nine earthquakes in the news of the fake
Just like the news of the week we have secrets to keep
Wait, I got it!
Don't run along
You're moving too fast
What the fuck is going on?
I'm tripping!
Yes, I'm tripping
I'm flying down the stairs
But I don't hit the bottom
I just float in the air...


released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


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Baby Tap London, UK

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