Delusion [Prod. by Corroded Master]

by Baby Tap

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In the misty sea
Yes it’s me!
Anaphlaxis with morbid misery
Desole for victory
Can you come with me to the deep
To the deep blue, aquamarine
Follow me, follow me…

Jet setter to get the gold
My pleasure by the sun set with your elegance
Pandora pressure set the goal
Child cherubim to challenge the evangelist
Miraculous is everything, spectacular is everything
Better regret the grin, my veins open like Niacin
My reddest blood redder with a spell like I’m Malifecent
Baby, I prick my skin, thimble finger in again
Baby, I win again, I overdose on sin

You’re fucking kidding
You better be kidding
Repeat, I’m listening
What’s the point of people swim-swimming into hell again?
I’m trynna save ‘em
With visions of joy and happiness
Prism of coy experience without a dividend
You’re kidding
You better be kidding
Repeat, I’m listening
Flip the track, replay, I’m listening
Body shivering
What’s the point of this pain in my heart?
I’m trynna make you happy but it’s tearing me apart

I’m gonna make you brand new
Cos I wanna-wanna understand you
I want keep you calm
Be that glow in the dark, in your heart and be that spark
I will look after you, I swear, I’ll try to challenge you
I wanna try to handle all your sadness, not abandon you
I’m gonna keep you warm
I’m gonna hold your hand and I’ll be here forever more

Dip dab with me
Close your eyes
Count to three
Next-next-next level
Up we swim through the sea-sea
See what I mean
What I mean when I dream
When I dream about you with this sweet clarity

Pull up, I pull up, I pull up give it hard
I’m gonna cross the city to follow shooting stars
Don’t know
I don’t know where you are
But if you wait a minute longer I’ll be there so please hold on
Come along, nothing’s wrong cos here we are
We are as one
We are the same bone, same opacity & density of dust
Capacity to pull & push with no desire to rum & scrum
Ignite & then combust
Unto the end you have my love


released 07 January 2015



all rights reserved


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