Gem Pop

by Baby Tap

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released August 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Baby Tap London, UK




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Track Name: Baby P☺p
fucking christ ur redundant / it's a harsh game / and you fucked up big time / all damp in the crotch place / elementary / it's a gun chase / flex time / who got the bigger dick with the bigger bank balance / on a bogus romance with your finances / bitches like to pickle up their slutsickle / give them one chance for a hot pant slap tickle / boots melting black holes in the rubber floor / stick polymer / sticky / icky polymer / what do you get when your kids become retards / your wife is a whore and your life is a retard / real big tizzy / wanna have a lick?
sworn to secrecy / to cataclysmic / analytical fanatics in the midst of the hood / the spangled banners mangle / entrap / tangle the fan girls / jangle that beast blood / allow me / diamond in my eyes is shining like lightning / flash of the sparkle in turbo or darkness / dust all around and my feet touch the ground / what a peculiar feeling / what's this feeling???
Track Name: Tr▲popicana
I’m swimming, can you see the spotlight shimmering
Busy in my dizzy on that limerick
Hit that big world on the head, yeah, I piss on it
Everybody is so serious – hissy fit!
I like to look at bitches in the office block
Across the street they bubble in the trouble of the biggest boss
I make myself my own boss all the time
Keep my face clean and my shoes tied shiny
1 - 2- 3 – 4 – 1 – 2- 3 – 4 – shitheads say we lickin’
The b-beat is b
The b-beat, the b-beat, the b-beat is hot
Satellite swishin’ with a lazy drop
Five fucker fizzy on the fee
Gone sprinting to the sea
Gonna see if they papa got G
Little apple rot, gee
Then they be complete
With the soul in the middle for the Papillion breed
Little clap, aeon creeps to the demonic dreams
Where I turn into a liquid and then melt into the seas
Will I be complete with my unjust deeds
Will I comply when I die and then turn into a tree?
Sippin’ on UmBungo
Clue’s in the congo
Slippery leper clapping pit-a pat-a ‘pon a bongo
Feast of the jungle
Big fat mango
Chomp me down, like to gag on it like a dumbo
Electronic little bung-hole moves into a samba motion and I beat him down
Don’t you ruckus a commotion
Liquor love, liquor notion
Then our hips unlock in a clockwise motion
Track Name: Gay For The Hip-G Girly Girls
Don-da-dippin’ in the sherbet dip-a-dippin’ / a pudendum slippin’ in the porcelain kitchen / saying “wee-oh-wee” / saying “same, you bitches” / “it’s dinner time chicken, like a 1, 2, 3” / little G / little Goldie sitting out my window / give a crook a nookie but the sookie ain’t a bimbo / one / two penny / an abortion too many / cos the flipping and the peaking and the dipping ain’t too friendly / Hip-G Girly Girl / yeah / cos I’m gay for the Hip-G Girly Girl / little hot bitches in a line / belly twitches and the tits / they look titchy / like a waistband fitting / shitting B / baby / I haven’t got a dime / I haven’t got a penny but I’ll see you next time / little B / little Beardy / sitting pretty near me / like a fishy swimming up my spine quite clearly / jenga but this shit’s jeery / pokers my heart and then he luv it quite dearly
Track Name: Stun Spore ft. $waggot
dummy, sunny day
gonna blaze
honey, everything's ok
god sent chewy the news
the noodles, the dues
the bong sender
rainbow and I splish and splash away
we make everything sticky
we make everything gay
sand attack
tail whip
do my petal dance
i'm a nice vileplume
honey, suck on bad romance
sleep powder
poison powder
stun spore
mega drain
it's that bad news, turn the tv off, I'll see ya!

shine like a bonsai
clings on me
mountain to meet the luminous sea
pop's gotta have, gotta have everything he wants
mine for the sapphire blue indeed

a clear purple gameboy color's all you need
to lure me me away no matter the time of day
it'll turn me straight or it'll turn me gay
whichever way i gotta turn to get me a little play

i got a gamelink cable if you wanted to trade
let me save and grab a couple of extra double a's
because my number one concern is that we are being safe
when you turn my teen kadabra to an alaka-man

spray my stun spore at the whore on all fours
pawing at the doggy door now lick it off the floor
good boy almost too adorable to
de- stroy almost want to
avoid saying nasty things
and be a little coy

cos this song makes me feel like im inside of a cloud
on a stormy day asleep above an old playground
im role playing a preteen me toned down
a lo-fi shota jack swaggot phoenix down
Track Name: Dude
Maybe I’m a doggy but I’m busy blowing rubber bubbles / if you can’t text back no trouble / nubbin’ in a zubbu / Seadra moombacore / beat bra for the nugget / suck it / weekend / I’m so sore / weed and fucking / yeah / I love it / it’s the goon-stepper law / poon ripper / punny money / hot like Ecuador / money too the poor / yeah it’s fucking funny / it’s hysterical / so funny / busy blowing bubbles / fuck it / dude / I got dookies by tenfold / dude / I got douches and two doobies / dude / I got doo-a-doo-doo / dude / I got spherical red rubies / swish / swish / wishy-washing violent haze / jizzy glamour / fishy splasher / dizzy dazzle / dizzy / fuck ‘em / crack ‘em / luv you / flashing dick is bashing all the gays / dip / I drip it from the dickhead / ticket to the masquerade / sick / I slick it with my vomit / nominate the dizzy days / fizzy / fickle / fizzy / licking jizm spray / foe to Flotsam and to Jetsam / fuck the Little Mermaid